Can I use all the bars on my whole body?

Yes bars can be used on Entire Body.


Do I Put Yoni Bar inside my Vagina?

No, Only The outer area of vagina or vulva never inside vaginal canal.



Yes. but Try our wildflower products our bodies are different during pregnancy 🤰🏽.


Do the Turmeric and Honey Wash cause dryness?

In some cases Yes it may cause temporary dryness. Dont be alarmed, 


Will the Meduza bar yoni bar be the same as Multiple Color one?

Absolutely Yes, ingredients are the same design just changed.


Is Meduza Yoni and Wash the same?

Yes absolutely, Just different form think of them as fraternal twins. 


What is the difference between Yoni wash and Flora wash?

Yoni wash is our douche wash without the douching it is infused with apple cider vinegar. Where our Flora Probiotic is Infused with Boric and Lactic Acid!! Both are great for Yeast and BV.


Do I insert Oochie Coochie Yoni Oil?

I didnt make it to be internal but I do have mamas who do insert and no problems its definitely your preference.


What can I use for Ingrown Hair? Hyperpigmentation 

Our Ctrl Brightening Scrub and Turmeric & Honey Wash is Great for this!


How To Use Sacred Tea? 


 Hint ( Drink Tea Twice a Day!!

(Morning Tea make at night let tea sit while you sleep and drink first thing in the morning with nothing on tummy. 

Night tea ( Make in the morning and let it sit the work etc and drink before bed!



How long is shipping?

Shipping takes 5-15 business days to process and ship. Monday - Friday 


What happens if my Order is Returned back to sender?

You must wait for your package to be delivered back to our headquarters and repay reshipping fee located on our store. We aren't responsible for what happens to your package once leaves our facility.


What happens if my order is lost?

Please Contact USPS or your local carrier to see exactly where is your order if in case your order was lost your order is 100% insured file a USPS claim to get a full refund for you order.


Do You ship International?



Can I cancel my order after its been placed?

Once order is placed you cannot cancel it NO EXCEPTIONS!


What if I input wrong address?

Unfortunately you must wait until package is redirected back to our facilities to get package reshipped. 


How do I stay updated on upcoming restocks and sales?

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