About Meduza

Our Story


For years I’ve always dreamed of Owning my own business never would i imagine that it would be something I’ve learned as a little girl would be apart of my purpose. The Fact that I’m empowering lives is absolutely amazing and still shocking to me.


Often people would ask me where exactly did my name Meduza come from lol ..Well years ago i use to wear Locs very long locs down my back and also my Eyes are Hazel (change colors during seasons) so i loved the Concept of Meduza one look into her eyes you turn into Stone instead of using the old stigma I wanted people to look at The Beauty of Meduza

 (that’s why her name isn’t traditional)

 I often tell ppl MeduzaBeauty found me prior to starting Meduzabeauty I’ve work in Pharmacy (Fertility Unit) for few years noticing the chemicals the money generated Giants not really caring about the overall general health of Women, I have two daughters who have to live in this society and I want what’s best for them through all the challenges we must face as Woman laws etc. What we wash with should be completely our decision…. Chemical Free!! I woke up and decided to leave pharmacy using the knowledge I had in school for years plus my background in Pharmaceuticals i decided to create my Feminine Care products.


After few failures i decided to have a leap of faith and started my online natural  business and has had a amazing customer base (#Mamas) who have been a very big part in our business. Always rooting and so supportive! 


I started off with little to no followers to growing our family Over 10k I’m sooo humble for the out pouring love and support I’m truly blessed and I truly Appreciate to have you with me for the Ride 💋